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Ever wonder what your wife is doing when you're not home? Well, let me give you a hint. It's not cooking. Most likely, wifey is getting plowed by a huge black dick. I'm sure you're dick isn't big enough to please her, so she finds a black man to satisfy her needs. Now a days, white wives aren't evern trying to hide the fact they're cheating on their hubbys. In fact, they're to the point now where they are pround of it. Their pride is so abundant that they have their black suitors write all over their bodys with markers, paints, make-up... whatever will turn their bodies into a canvas to display their love for dark meat. This is what wife writing is all about. This is what this site is all about, and hands down, the best site to offer this content is WifeWriting.com

I was able to talk to the owners of WifeWriting.com and they let me have a sneak peak at their members area. I took a few samples and I'm showing you them now. But take my word for it, if you like slutty interracial wives, then pony up the $30 bucks for a membership. You can't get this content anywhere else. PLUS they take content from amateurs and put it on their site. That's right, black men send in videos of their latest sec writing escapades. White wives send video of their black bulls writing and then fucking them. It's an amazing site. You definitely won't be sorry.

Leah Love Wife Writing Trinity Written On Ciera is tagged up
Wife Writing LeahWifey TrinityCiera Tagged


I'm sure that after taking a look at these three scandilous wives you get a better idea of what writing on your wife is all about. They do say a picture is worth 1000 words, these are worth way more than that LOL. Look at all of the writing on Trinity! Her husband is sure to know that she's fucking black dick when he's out making the money. And how about 18 year old Leah Luv? Her boyfriend would get furious if he found out she was getting tagged up ghetto style by some black thugs. Leah loved every minute of it though. Don't worry, I have a ton more pages of wife writing movies, pics and stories. And they're all free!

Aspen from Wife Writing Gia's Interracial Stud Avy getting tagged while sucking
Aspen full of inkGia SuckingAvy Got Graffiti

Sophia being written on Madison being tagged up proper nautica is a naughty wife
Sophia's WritingMadison's BlackingNautica


First and foremost, the site looks very nice when you enter the members area. There are 5 scenes per page and 7 pages at the time of this review (02.07.2008). So you get close to 35 exclusive scenes, the last page only has 2 scenes on it. The content is shot in an amateur style meaning no professional light, no scripts, no bs. Each girl takes on atleast 1 very well hung black male. Some scenes have more than one girl some feature more than one black bull. Each scene consists of movies, screen grabs from the video and high resolution pictures as well. The site isn't high definition as of now. For movies, each episode contains 10-15 2mb or so clips, 3 broadband clips which have better resolution than the 2mb files, and the full version of each midband and broadband movies. The vid grabs, are ok, the quality is ehat can be expected. The high resolution images come in 2 different sized 800x1200 and 1200x1600. You are able to vote on every scene on the site and see which scenes are rated the higest. You can order the scenes by date, highest rated, my rated and haven't rated. All in all this is ite worth the money you spend to get in. A new scene is added every week to keep members happy. Enjoy!

big version of trinity wife

As you can see, Trinity has her mouth full right now, but she would like to say thanks for stopping by my site. As soon as her black bull has finished up writing on her and fucking her, she will tell you her self. So I hope you had a good time. Check back often to see updates!

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