Wife Writing presents Ciera

What kind of name is Ciera? I don't know, but what I do know is that Ciera loves black men. I also know something that her husband doesn't know. Ciera LOVES BLACK MEN! LOL. When hubby is out at work, Ciera calls over a strong black bull to come and take care of her. When he whips out his graffiti pen and writes all over her Ciera loses her mind. The thought of her husband seeing the graffiti on her body makes her even hotter. The thrill of being caught is such a turn on. She sometimes thinks about not even washing off the markings so her husband can see what kind of wife she really is. A slutty, cheating wife that loves cock. Not his cock though hahahah! Just look at some of the things that are on her body. "Black Love", "Your Wife Loves Black Cock", Black Cock Only with an arrow to her mouth. She's crazy, pure and simple. You better run off an call your significant other now, you never know what she's doing.

Wife Cierra gets marked


Cierra nude pic


Cierra, no matter how silly her name is, does have a nice rack. And even better is her love for the black man. She loves displayin' all her wife writing markings for everyone to see. And one day she may even show hubby that he's not the only man in her life. Follow the links on this page to find more movies from Cierra. Including the ones she sent in her self. THere's nothing better than a home video sent in from an unhappy wife getting back at her husband by sleeping with a colored fella! If you like this page also check out Slutty Sophia.


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